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Under the visionary leadership, Arna Pharma has been incepted by experienced professionals with sensible business approach with very ambitious goal of Enhancing Life.

Our leadership inspires and empowers our team to pursue excellence, embrace innovation, and strive for continuous improvement. They set a clear strategic direction, fosters a culture of collaboration and creativity, and encourages a customer-centric approach in all aspects of our operations.

In the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry, there is always need of experienced pharmaceutical professionals to count on for paving right strategy and execute business effectively and efficiently to create best value.


Mr. Hemant G


Hemant Gulhane

Mr. Hemant has over 20+ years of pharmaceutical business operations including acquisitions & mergers, co-Founder for many global companies like BioInnova Pty Ltd, Luminaire Pty Ltd and Gem Pharma Pty Ltd. Board member of Altimed, global IT business Cogniso Pty Ltd. He is also affiliated with executive  team of Edge pharmaceutical, Abex pharma.

Mr. Sekhar



Mr. Sekhar is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in pharmaceutical operations. With a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory requirements, and best practices, he has successfully managed and optimized various aspects of pharmaceutical operations, ensuring efficiency, quality, and compliance.

Mr. Sudhakar K

Founder Member


Mr. Sudhakar is a Postgraduate in Management studies & Environmental Science with Business Experience of over 25 Years in both Marketing & Trading of petroleum products. He is the founder and Managing  Director of M/s.  Supreme Marine Tankers Pvt Ltd, M/s. Vertline Marine Bunkers Pvt Ltd, M/s. Green Fuels Global Trading Pvt, M/s. and Genesis Petrochemicals & Logistics Pvt. LTD.

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